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2013-01-15 21:23:55 by SonicJ

As the years progressed I had fewer and fewer submissions on newgrounds. A lot of things influenced this trend. For 2013 I want to reverse this situation by providing more quality uploads, while maybe keeping the quantity down. So far for 2012 and 2013 I only uploaded 2 songs, and they were both colabs with werewolfrx. My passion for audio creation has been reignited! Time to get to work!

Over the summer of 2011 I started a Newgrounds Drum and bass colab. Sadly, the project failed because I didn't have time to stitch the submissions together and fell out of newgrounds for quite some time afterwards. That was a disappointment because this was the first time I was able to organize and set up an event. A lot of people came on board. I'm going to see projects through to the end for this year.

Drum and Bass Newgrounds community project

2011-05-20 10:43:57 by SonicJ

Deadline date : June-22-2011!

Hey guys! I made a thread (here) regarding a community project I started. It's centered around a collaboration from artists of all styles (of D&B). Anyone young or old, good or bad, can (and should!) submit a 20~40 second audio clip of a drum and bass they have made. The tempo I started out with is 170, but you could submit a smaller or faster tempo'ed clip if it fits.

I wanted to make a "patch work quilt" of drum and bass clips created by different artists on this website! I thought it would be fun :)

Here is my contribution: /421632

I'll also list whom ever participates in this post (In the order submitted.)

Usernamemyarse - Profile
FurryNG - Profile

Thus far we have a total of 11 submissions. I want to thank each and every author for their work :), it's greatly appricited (AND FUN!)
(Mine) SonicJ /421632
eatmeatleet -submission-Profile
Quarl- Profile (Submitted outside of NG)
Space-Whale- Profile-Submission
Hojima Garu (garlagan)-Submission-Profile

Dot dot dot

2011-01-22 23:42:00 by SonicJ

That flash movie based on a really bad review seemed to be an overnight success (for the animator, that is.) I was inspired to write a song based off said review and use the original voice actors clip. This will also be my first finished song of 2011!

Dot Dot Dot. A really good clip I must say; I heard the version in the flash movie before I heard the original audio source. The flash version of the audio file sounded better due to the use of reverb.

Creativity begins with create.

2010-09-25 23:30:39 by SonicJ

I've always thought about exercising my creativity in more than one direction. When ever I made a song, I though of an accompanying situation to use that song in. A sad song = a sad moment, so on and so fourth. So now with the songs I create, I'll try to post a descriptor I feel is related to the mood of the song.

One reason I'm doing this is to give my tracks more meaning to me. I feel like I've laxed a little bit too much in the creativity department since I began doing video game remixes since I had something already existing to work on. Since then, my original works have been flowing in less and less, until I stopped for awhile and then ended making tracks completely for awhile. So I'm putting off making remixes for awhile, and going goal-oriented towards originality.

Figured I'd make a new post

2010-01-05 03:31:06 by SonicJ

The last one was marked way back in September, a few days after my birthday. I updated my profile info, which mostly stayed the same since 2006ish. Im not really sure what to put here, so I'll push my latest song (Prior to this post , I mean!) /301475
(Spiral pegasus stage remix^)

My music links

2009-09-14 18:14:59 by SonicJ

I've been working on music for diffrent things, and I wish NG implemented a system where you could categorize your OWN work within your profile, tll then Ill just link to two new pokemon songs I worked on :D

Final battle:
Final battle [With Gary]
Lavender town, Slowed down [Hip hop]
Team rocket! [Encounter]
Celadon city
And thats all I am going to link for now. I did some megaman x5 remixes, but they all got mostly low scores, and I dotn feel like looking for it now XD

Also, please check out the art of my pal maddie, shes good :D
AKA Pixle Cake!

Also, im working on a true drum and bass remix of a pokemon song, so stay tuned :]!

Update (December-22-09):
Pokemone Cave remix
That ^ is another go at a pokemon song. Have a listen, enjoy :3

Awesome Display + Header / New Song!

2009-08-14 01:43:51 by SonicJ

Thanks to the awesome PixelCake
Please check out her work and leave a review or something!

Also check out awesome rant guy, because they are true >:|
It's sad how people use zero bombs with out justice. tsk tsk

Also im making a new song! Psycho mantis !

91 submitions

2009-08-13 23:54:02 by SonicJ

Perhaps they aren't all great quality, but I'll keep going

Two new songs for the day :O

2009-08-01 16:38:59 by SonicJ

I uploaded two songs I created today, the first being :
NightmareKitty which is a slowish (120 BPM) industrial song and a remix of a song from a game I played when I was younger, Megaman X5 Final stage!. The link will bring you to remix I made of the final stage in megaman x5! enjoy :]!

Megaman x5 Remix list-
Izzy Glow stage
Final Stage
Squid Adler (Volt Kracken)

Megaman Xtream 2 REmix-
MMX2 intro stage
Also, never do your EQ/mastering with headphones on. I had to learn that the hard way. All I can do now is take my 2 and leave. Brush my self off and consider that a lesson well learned. :]

What to write about?

2009-06-28 00:29:33 by SonicJ

I have no idea what to write about.